About | The Morgenthau Preserve

The Henry Morgenthau Preserve is a 32-acre sanctuary set along and under the shoreline of Blue Heron lake.

Pictured to the left are a variety of scenes in the preserve.

The Henry Morgenthau Preserve joined the Bedford Audubon Society on February 11, 2009. It is managed by the Henry Morgenthau Preserve Committee whose mission is to manage, protect and maintain the preserve. This all-volunteer committee is comprised of local conservationists and concerned citizens.

Founded in 1972, this popular preserve was a gift to Pound Ridge and surrounding communities from Ruth Morgenthau Knight, her daughter, Ellin N. London and son-in-law, Robert D. London MD.

The preserve honors Mrs. Knight's father, Henry Morgenthau, an attorney and real estate investor. He was active in Democratic Party politics and was responsible for the nomination of President Woodrow Wilson at the 1912 Democratic Convention in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1913 Mr. Morgenthau was appointed the US Ambassador to Turkey. Ambassador Morgenthau proved a strong human rights advocate of Turkey's Armenian population. His greatest legacy was his fight for human rights and how he alerted the world to "The Armenian Genocide."

The 32-acre preserve is set along and under the shoreline of Blue Heron Lake. Its boundaries include a portion of the lake and a small offshore island. Under the canopy of the preserve's trees are several forest communities, a number of wetland areas, a small pond, vernal pools and several small streams.

Mrs. Knight donated the original twenty acres in 1972. An additional 8 acres were purchased from Dr. Polly Raizen in 1973. In 1994, Mr. Sidney Thompson donated an adjacent four-acre parcel. (click for map and directions)